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    Name/Description Added By       Date
1   1995 Camaro Firebird Door Trigger Relays
Tech tip: The OEM gray/black door switch wire will not always work on some alarm installs for a door trigger due to a factory diode. The attached file shows how to obtain a clean ground and +12V feed on a 1995 F-Body (Camaro/Firebird) using two 5-pin relays. In 1996+, the function was handled by a body control module so this would not apply. This should work on 1993-95 cars. ...(Door_trigger_Dual_SPDT.pdf)
  Download Now 039C3 1/19/2016 17 KB
2   1995-1996 GM Trucks
Tech tip: Adding relay to Ignition 2 (-) output of remote start to Igniton 2 of vehicle. ...(ign9596GMtrucks.gif)
  Download Now wirewise 5/9/2002 6 KB
3   1999 - 2001 Ford F250
Tech tip: Ford Starting Circuit ...(2oooFordDiesel.pdf)
  Download Now moonliter 3/1/2010 44 KB
4   1999 Firebird Arming Mode Programming
Tech tip: How to program arming method for the factory Universal Theft Deterrent (UTD) System. ...(Program_Arming-1999Firebird.pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 3/25/2010 52 KB
5   1999 GMC Denalli Factory Disarm
Tech tip: Alarm bypass on the 1999 Yukon Denali & Escalade ...(denalli.pdf)
  Download Now mikvot 12/1/2007 21 KB
6   1999+ Honda Odyssey Single wire Open/Close
Tech tip: Diagram to show you how to use a single wire to open/close the sliding doors of a 1999+ Honda Odyssey Mini van ...(Odyssey sliding door diagram.jpg)
  Download Now Velocity Motors 12/4/2002 117 KB
7   2001+ Chrysler Minivan Tech Tip
Audiovox's Tech Tip for the 180ohm second starter wire required in 2001-2004 Chrysler minivans. ...(Chrsyler Second Start Interface.pdf)
  Download Now Twelvoltz 12/24/2007 41 KB
8   2006 Toyota Sequoia Transponder Program
Tech tip: Transponder / key programming and erasure procedure ...(TransponderProgram.pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 10/29/2010 302 KB
9   2007 GMC Pick Up - Supplement
Tech tip: Multiplex start wire with OM-GMC-7 integration ...(07PupOMgm7.pdf)
  Download Now Big Dog 5/22/2007 86 KB
10   530T.1900PDF
530t modification pdf directed tech tip 1900 ...(1900(1).pdf)
  Download Now metz35 1/4/2012 1.3 MB
11   Adding extra ignition outputs for remote starting
Tech tip: Adding extra / additional ignition and / or accessory high current outputs for remote start modules that do not have enough outputs for your application. ...(235 - Adding Extra Ignitions.pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 12/4/2014 493 KB
12   Adding LED to DEI
Tech tip: add extra LEDs to DEI ...(Add extra LED to DEI control centre.pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 1/8/2012 2.1 MB
    Name/Description Added By       Date
13   Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Ignition
Tech tip: Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Ignition Resistor Chart ...(Chrysler Ignition Resistors.pdf)
  Download Now Big Dog 5/7/2007 84 KB
14   Clutch Bypass Diagram
Tech tip: Clutch Bypass diagram for (-) and (+) trigger clutches with a (-) activation wire from remote starter. ...(Clutch_bypass_diagram.jpg)
  Download Now Velocity Motors 12/10/2002 42 KB
15   DBALL - No Key Detected
Tech tip: NISS3HT v1.03 and up NISS4HT v1.00 and up HONDA56 v1.46 and 1.47 GM10 v2.09 ...(TB106.pdf)
  Download Now Ohmz 11/10/2012 409 KB
16   DEI 1063
Tech tip: Colorado/Canyon/H3/Cobalt and Saturn Ion 2004 up. These vehicles have two passlock wires which function as key sense, 2nd ignition and also function as passlock 2 wires in addition to being able to crank the engine in conjunction with accessory wire losing voltage during the crank sequence. The Ion can also use DOC 1610 using a 555L. ...(DEIGM 1063.pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 4/1/2013 777 KB
17   DEI 530T Modification
Tech tip: Heavy window modification ...(1900.pdf)
  Download Now Big Dog 5/15/2008 83 KB
18   DEI Directed Tech Tip 1051 GM Alarm disable
Camaro factory alarm disable instructions, DEI Techtip 1051 ...(1051 GM Alarm disable.pdf)
  Download Now Twelvoltz 11/10/2006 29 KB
19   DEI Tech Tip 10000 Clutch Bypass
DEI Tech Tip 10000 Clutch Bypass Tech Tip ...(10000_Clutch_Bypass.pdf)
  Download Now seanw727 1/9/2012 1.4 MB
20   DEI Tech Tip 1056
DEI 556u with BMW VW ...(556u with bmw VW techtip1056.pdf)
  Download Now dtk1 5/18/2008 63 KB
21   DEI tech tip 1077
Isolating ignition during remote starts. Accessory/Ignition/Starter Wire Isolation. When installing a remote starter into certain vehicles, you may experience the starter motor grinding excessively either during the key-takeover procedure or during the entire remote start process. This is typically caused by two or more wires that share a common contact at the key cylinder at rest, in a particular position (accessory position only, etc.), or during a mid-point between two positions. The solution for this symptom is usually to isolate the one (or more) of the circuits that have a common contact point by using a relay or by using the builtin Flex Relay found in most Directed remote starters (be sure to program Flex Output accordingly!). Known vehicles to require this doc include but are not limited to: 1993-1997 Nissan Altima, 1999-2006 Toyota Celica, 1999-2005 Toyota Echo and 2010+ Kia Soul. ...(1077.pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 12/8/2011 357 KB
22   DEI Tech Tip 1082 - 2001 Town and Country Parking Lights
DEI's 1082 TechTip for interfacing with the Town and Country Parking Lights ...(TechTip 1082 Town and Country Parking Lights.pdf)
  Download Now Twelvoltz 2/22/2007 26 KB
23   DEI tech tip 1091
Wait to start with timer. ...(1091(1).pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 7/3/2011 24 KB
24   DEI Tech tip 1097
Interfacing with Normally Closed door triggers techtips The door trigger switch on some vehicles (predominantly Ford models) rests at ground while the door is closed and goes to an open circuit when the door is opened. Some Directed security/remote start models can be programmed to accept a N.C. door trigger input on the (-) door trigger input, however this will only accept ONE door on the single (-) door trigger input wire (*see note at the bottom of the page for an exception). When more doors must be monitored or if working with a Directed system that does not have multiple N.C. door trigger inputs, use the following diagram (repeat per door trigger) to create a useable (+) switching door trigger output from each N.C. door trigger. ...(Ford 1097.pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 7/24/2012 626 KB
25   DEI Tech Tip 1606
DEI Techtip 1606 2006 Cobalt PK3+ Keysense/Second Ignition bypass using 556U ...(TechTip 1606.pdf)
  Download Now Twelvoltz 10/26/2006 175 KB
26   DEI Tech Tip 1919
Adding Multiple L.E.Ds IN SERIES ...(1919.pdf)
  Download Now lurch228 8/3/2016 1 MB
27   DEI Tech Tip 1920
Low Battery issue for Responder LE Remotes ...(1920.pdf)
  Download Now lurch228 8/3/2016 733 KB
28   DEI Tech Tip 1921
Interfacing with Normally Closed door triggers ...(1921(1).pdf)
  Download Now lurch228 8/3/2016 626 KB
29   DEI Tech Tip 1923
LED Modifications to Directed Systems Viper, Python, Clifford ...(1923.pdf)
  Download Now lurch228 8/3/2016 829 KB
30   DEI Tech Tip 1924
Adding external sensor/s to a Directed system ...(1924.pdf)
  Download Now lurch228 8/3/2016 982 KB
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