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Fiberglass Horror Stories

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Posted: April 02, 2005 at 7:40 PM / IP Logged  
I think his mommie killed him after he turned the mustang into the world's largest paperweight.
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Posted: April 02, 2005 at 8:42 PM / IP Logged  
Alright, Im game.
First fiberglass project, misread "per ounce" as "per quart". After 24 hours I was left with soggy mat on a garbage bag.
After doing a couple projects I was learning how to control the curing process with temperature and hardener mix. I think I was doing like 4 or 5 layers at once with a pretty hot batch. All was well until I noticed it was smoking a bit and starting to turn colors. I spent the next half hour on fire-watch with a big fan and the doors wide open trying to reduce the room temperature.
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Posted: April 02, 2005 at 9:06 PM / IP Logged  
In my old truck when i was 15 i had a little hole in the floor that i needed to patch up before i could get it certified.  It was 10 am and i had an appt for my truck at 12 to get it certified and a tow truck was comming and all so i needed a quick fix to pass the safety, , so i whipped out the fiberglass and matting.  I wanted it to cure fast so i mixed the resin to hardener to a ratio of 75/25 i believe, , it did the trick, it set up in about 2 min after mixing it up so the floor was done, , only problem was that it started crackleing and poping all around me and i looked in the mixing cup which was sitting in my truck, , it actually lit on fire and almost took the rest of my truck with it.  Good thing i didn't leave it alone or i would have had some major problems.
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Posted: April 02, 2005 at 9:51 PM / IP Logged  
That is funny.
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Posted: April 02, 2005 at 11:01 PM / IP Logged  
It really lit on fire?? Wow, I didn't know that was possible. One time I made a mold of tire well and wanted to do it quick so I laid one layer in the car, pulled it out and laid on like 7-10 more layers as quick as I could with a real hot mix. Bad idea! This thing got so hot that when I touched the dry backside, I burnt my hand. I spent the next 20 minutes watching my "enclosure" warp and fold itself up. By the time it had cured it was no longer even close to the same shape.
Next time I do some glassing I might try and recreate that fire thing though. Fiberglass Horror Stories - Page 2 -- posted image.
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Posted: April 02, 2005 at 11:35 PM / IP Logged  
Goddam the mustang!!! I'm glad I was here to catch that post lmao. My horror story involves not enough hardener and rain. Building a center console I didn't mix enough hardner and then I left that sht outside so it wouldn't sink up the garage... So happens the next day rain starts comming down in sheets. I come home to a soggy mess of fleece and wood. Somehow the guy I was building it for was able to finish it himself in time for a car show and got 1st. I hate doing side jobs even though people search me out an pay me a lot of money. But I just don't have enough time to do things the way I want it.
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Posted: April 06, 2005 at 1:00 AM / IP Logged  

The first fiberglass project I did was a corner box for a Jeep Grand Cherokee...The back,the bottom and one side was all MDF the visible side where the sub was mounted was to be glassed....

I had no Idea how many layers to use...I laid fleece and 3 layers of glass.....

I was putting a Memphis HPO 12 in the box.... I got it all finished and painted to match the Jeep...It was beautiful...I worked my butt off on finishing the outside so that it wasnt wavy or had any little pits or nothing..

I thought I had done great the customer loved it...I fired the system up and at low volume it sounded Great so I thought Mission accomplished...Then when I turned it up it sounded good but then the whole darn thing just blew apart...The Glass busted and the sub fell out...I was very upset..I spent a lot of time on that thing...I just chalked it up to Murpheys law and inexperiance...Was funny for everyone but me....I thought it sucked...

Fiberglass Horror Stories - Page 2 -- posted image.
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Posted: April 11, 2005 at 5:38 PM / IP Logged  

Well, I have not done too much with FG, and after reading all of this, I am not too sure if I ever want to again.  The only experiments I have had (4 total) all turned out just fine because I followed all directions as well as I could, I did have one warp and I had another that I think the mixture was too hot so it had all kinds of indentions, and holes from the bubbling and poping and such.

My worst box experience came with my first car, I had an 85 dodge daytona and I put 2 RF 18s in a self-designed 7th order  bandpass (I think it is 7th order, baiscally I had the 18's wired parralell and separated in their own enclosures, and all four were firing into one single chamber in the middle with a monster vent)(built with 3/4 MDF I used a total of 3 and a half 4X8 sheets, just to give you an idea of the weight); this thing was a freaking monster, I took out my backseats and it streached from the back window of the hatch to the back of my front seats with them pushed forward a couple of inches, I started designing it before I even had the car, and I took some serious time planning and building it, and I even made a full size replica out of cardboard, just to bdouble check my math.  and so when it was all built I tried to fit it into my hatch, and the sides were too wide to clear the opening for the hatch by 1/8 or an inch on both sides even with the trim off, so I had to pull this insaine-ly heavy box off of the lip of the hatch opening and use a circular saw to cut some off the top, side corners, then with a lot of getting a running start and slamming into it with my shoulder it finally slid in (after breaking the plastic panels at the far back (below where the hatch latches)) then when I went to shut the hatch I realized that the back end was too tall for the slope of the window, so I had to cut an inch off of that with the circular saw inside the car (because there was no way in hell this thing was ever comming back out of this car) and finally it fit.

So after that I owned the car for a year and decided to buy a Blazer, because I needed more room for more subs (always more subs).  so I sold the car, but of course I wasn't going to let my subs go with it, and with the boxes in the car there was only about 8 inches clearance between the top of the box and the roof of the car I couldn't just unscrew the plexiglass window and remove my subs, so I had to break out the circular saw once again (never let a 16 year old have a circular saw ) and had to cut the boxes out with that, so when I sold the car it had almost completely crapped out, and wasn't worth more than $300 in good condition, so I sold it to a guy I know that owned one at the time and was going to part it out, so I just threw the back seats back in and left it with a nice 4 inch coating of sawdust on everything.

So with that all said, who wants to buy a car, or have me build them a box?... any takers?...  This is definetely one of those learning experiences, you know, measure twice cut once, not measure once cut 10 or 15 times.

eh? what did you just say?
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Posted: April 11, 2005 at 5:41 PM / IP Logged  
correction to the last post, it was 4 18 inch subs, not 2
eh? what did you just say?
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Posted: April 22, 2005 at 1:45 AM / IP Logged  
How hard is it for someone that has never touched the stuff and knows nothing about it? I would reall like to learn how to do this and I have read many threads about it, but is there any tips or suggestions for a newb and F/G?
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