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Install Remote Start In Chevy Avalanche '02

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Joined: December 22, 2002
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Posted: December 22, 2002 at 10:45 AM / IP Logged  

I am planning on installing a Remote start unit in my 02 Avalanche. I have spoken with several places about doing this for me and they all tell me what I want done can't be done. I have been told elsewhere that it most certianly can be done. You guys are the pros, so I will let you tell me if it can or can't.

I am planning on installing a DEI unit of some sort. I have a 553T that I installed and removed from my 94 GMC Diesel but will buy new if needed. I don't care about the aftermarket alarm functions. I am wanting to piggy back the factory system and use the new remote to control the factory systems keyless/alarm and also the remote start. From what I can gather from this site is I will need some modules for bypassing. For what I am looking to do what would be the best system for me, what modules would I need, and is this somthing I can install myself? Would it be better to scrap the factory system and install all new?

Thanks Guys

Chris M Totty
Franklin, TN
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Posted: December 22, 2002 at 11:16 AM / IP Logged  

It can be done, very easily too! First off, when you install a new system you do not loose your factory alarm system if you wrie in the rearm and arm wires. You will need a passlock bypass 555L from DEI or you can get one that will work from These i would say are the funest and easiest to do, pull the dash off and the BCM is staring right in your face, just plug your locks, lights, alarm and horn wires in right there, you ingintion wires are right above. Heres the wires colors, have fun!

       ITEM      |     WIRE COLOR     |POL|       WIRE LOCATION        |

| 12V|red                 |+  |ignition harness            |
|  STARTER|yellow              |+  |ignition harness            |
|  IGNITION|pink                |+  |ignition harness            |
|  SECOND IGNITION|white               |+  |ignition harness            |
|  ACCESSORY|orange              |+  |ignition harness            |
| POWER LOCK|lt. blue            |+  |brown plug at BCM *1        |
|  POWER UNLOCK|white               |+  |brown plug at BCM *1        |
| LOCK MOTOR|gray                |   |drivers kick panel          |
| UNLOCK MOTOR|tan                 |   |drivers kick panel          |
|  DISARM DEFEAT|tan/black           |   |passengers kick panel       |
| PARKING LIGHTS +|brown               |   |lt. blue plug at BCM *1     |
| PARKING LIGHTS -|white               |   |lt. blue plug at BCM *1     |
|       HEADLIGHTS|white               |+  |lt. blue plug at BCM *1     |
| DOOR TRIGGER|*2                  |-  |BCM *1                      |
|FCTRY ALRM DISARM|            |-  |drivers kick *4             |
|TACHOMETER|white               |   |ECM *3                      |
| SPEED SENSE|dk.GREEN / WHITE      |   |ECM *3                      |
| BRAKE WIRE|white               |+  |brake pedal switch          |
|HORN TRIGGER|black               |-  |brown plug at BCM *1        |
| WIPERS|                    |   |                            |
| LF WINDOW UP/DN|blue   -   brown    |A  |drivers door switch         |
| RF WINDOW UP/DN|blue   -   brown    |A  |passenger door switch       |
| LR WINDOW UP/DN|                    |   |                            |
| RR WINDOW UP/DN|                    |   |                            |


NOTE: This vehicle has the passlock II immobilizer system that, when adding a remote start, must be interfaced with. Use DEI part 555t or 555L.  *1 The BCM is located behind the drivers side of the dash. The plugs on the BCM face towards the rear of the vehicle. The parking lights are in pin A5 and the headlights are in pin A11.  *2 Use tan for the drivers door located in pin B4 of the purple plug, and for the passenger door it will be a orange in pin B2 in the purple plug or in pin B11 of the plug, must diode isolate these wires.  *3 ECM is located near the battery, down low, between the fender and the fan under the black plastic cover. On the 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L, the tach wire is located at pin 10 in the 'red' connector, and VSS wire is located in pin 50 of the 'red' connector.  *4 Also found in the purple plug of the BCM.

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Joined: December 22, 2002
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Posted: December 23, 2002 at 6:44 AM / IP Logged  

Thanks a bunch! Does the 555L kill the need to get into the door panels? or do you still have to get in them for anything. When you say remove the dash, do you mean the whole thing, or just a part of it? I have a window roll up module from my existing system (The DEI Two Way, Two Window) Could that be installed pretty easy or is there somthing else there that the wonderful engineers have put in place? If it's what you say it's like I think I may order the stuff today. Sounds pretty straight forward. Thanks a bunch

Chris M Totty
Franklin, TN

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