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Copper - Posts: 172
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Joined: September 08, 2003
Location: United States
Posted: July 21, 2004 at 9:51 PM / IP Logged  
I have been mostly a hobbiest, then did installs for a short time for a place in MI. I moved to GA and went to work for a distributor, now I'm in the process of opening a business in AL. I've been playing with car audio for about 18 years now, and I am a home theater installer
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Joined: July 30, 2003
Location: United States
Posted: July 21, 2004 at 10:01 PM / IP Logged  

auex pretty much summed it up for me too. But I'll go into depth. I'm only 18, but i've been fascinated with electronics since i was 5. (And people say video games were a bad invention!) I got my first nintendo and computer when i was 5. while I never had trouble with the nintendo except for the occasional dirty cartridge, i had tons of probs with my comp. My dad was kind of a computer geek, and he was always ripping his apart tryin to make it better and faster..... ( i dunno how much faster u can get than a 286 ;) but hey ). So, growing up with that i learned a bit about electricity. Eventually i got better than he did with computers, and to this day he asks me to fix his, but im not into that anymore. In high school i took home maintenance, which was entirely about electricity. I figured out how to make a complete circuit, which carried over into the next year when i got my first car. Ever since i was a kid, i always bought the big monster head phones cuz of the bass. So, naturally, i wanted that in my car. Started off small, radio here, radio there, amp now and then. Now, after all the previous installs (i've got about 100 cars or so under my belt) and with all the help i've gotten on here, i'd say i've got a pretty good knowlledge of how it all works. If all goes well, by next summer I will be attending Mobile Dynamics in phoenix to get my MECP, and become a professional installer, with hopes of opening up my own shop near me. thanks.

Sorry, no college degrees, no phd's, hell not even any fancy companies, but its a passion, and thats good enough for me.

1990 Honda Civic HB:
Clarion DXZ545MP H.U.
2- 6.5" Power Acoustik interiors
Diamond Audio 600.1 amp
Diamond Audio 15" M6MKII
Pyramid PB881X 4 CH. Amp
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Joined: April 22, 2003
Location: Arizona, United States
Posted: July 21, 2004 at 10:22 PM / IP Logged  

Thanks for all the posts so far, everyone.  Keep 'em coming.  I really respect you folks who are out there "doing it" and installing every day.  It is not easy work and you have to know your "stuff."  Congrats and keep going.

I hope no one thinks I was trying to brag by posting my degrees.  It's just kind of comes natural for me, and in the circles I deal with every day people expect it.  I'll be completely honest and tell yo that the only reason I have the education I do is because I am a Nam vet and I kept going to school as long as the GI Bill held out!  Besides, college degrees have NOTHING to do with whether someone can install or not!

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Joined: December 23, 2002
Location: Arizona, United States
Posted: July 21, 2004 at 11:12 PM / IP Logged  
Why not brag if it is something that you are proud of? Hell I wish I had the money to go to college and get a degree. If I have any seriously technical questions I know who to ask.
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I promise to be good.
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Joined: March 08, 2002
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Posted: July 21, 2004 at 11:42 PM / IP Logged  

..... and next comes Jeff Who’s Who? - Page 2 -- posted image. from Velocity . Hey guys and gals, it's my turn on the mike and here goes............ I've been installing for about 12 years now and I've owned my own business for about 6 years of those 12. I got into the stereo installation soon after graduating high school and a hobby turned into a business for me. All my buddies and my buddies friends asked me to install their stereo's for them and after about 30 vehicles, I thought I should start charging for my time (  not too smart on my end, should have started charging after the 29th vehicle Who’s Who? - Page 2 -- posted image. )

I eventually got bored with just installing normal stereos and ventured into remote starter's and alarm systems. Through trial and error I figured out how to install my first remote starter into a 1993 Toyota 4Runner ( Manual ) after a mere 16 hours of install time, not bad for the first time. The rest is history I guess and now I try to dabble into everything I can get my hands onto like custom fiberglass designs, paint and body work, engine mods, Play Station 2 and XBox mods, etc................

I like to learn by experience and work with real life, tangible things so that I can get a grasp as to how it works. I don't have any other education other than grade 12, but I sucked at school any ways..... too boring for me. I TRUELY believe that anyone is capable of learning any trade without going to school for it. Heck, most of the trades in the world had to be grandfathered into the whole scheme of things, right ? So who taught the teacher ? Who’s Who? - Page 2 -- posted image.

Peace out and like I've been saying for the past couple of years on this forum " ............ no problemo "

Oh yeah, one more thing................ I want to thank my fiance for being so patient with me and the way I am when it comes to installation and my job. If anyone has a significant other, you know what I mean !! Those late nights in the garage or those mysteriously disappearing hundred dollar bills from the bank account going into the project car Who’s Who? - Page 2 -- posted image...................... Thank you & I love you Wanda !!

( That's it ......... NEXT !!!! )

Velocity Custom Home Theater
Mobile Audio/Video Specialist
Morden, Manitoba CANADA
Copper - Posts: 227
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Joined: April 14, 2004
Location: United States
Posted: July 22, 2004 at 1:36 AM / IP Logged  

OK, me next. I guess I'm fairly new to car audio. I mean, I've been playing around with it for years, but a few years ago I found out I didn't know as much I thought I did. I've been playing with electronics since I was a kid (and had all the little project kits), but never got serious at first. I went to college for Automotive Technology (Mechanic) and Electronics, but never did that professionally. Now I am an Industrial Maintenence Mechanic. I have to fix mainly everything that does anything at the plant I work at. This includes anything that moves (chains, belts, Etc.), 115 to 575 volt motors and drives, high voltage ignitors, variable speed drives, bearings,  welding, concrete, fabrication, blah, blah, blah.

I started being more intersted in car audio when I bought my first brand new truck in 1996, when I was 18. I bought 2 Kicker Impulses and a 150 watt kenwood amp for $350 from this kid at work (Yeah, I know... now). Since then I buy stuff when I can for my rides, and all my friends come to me when they get new gear to save money on the pro install. They all say it's just as good as getting it done at the shop ( maybe they're just saying it cause it's free!) I don't know, I just try to help. I've done at least 20 complete installs with no complaints, and 1 alarm, 1 starter, and 2 alarm/starter/door locks (all my own vehicles).

My dream is to open an audio shop here, as there are none for 120 miles from here, except for the one across the river in Canada (yeah, if you got a good arm you could trow a rock into Canada from here), but the only decent stuff they sell is Rockford and Alpine at overpriced prices, even after the exchange. But we all know that takes money, and some credentails would help (n  e  e  d    m  o  r  e    k  n  o  w  l  e  d  g  e !) If I could quit my job to work on stereos all day....  "find a job doing something you love and you will never have to go to work a day in your life ever again" -- can't remember who wrote that.Who’s Who? - Page 2 -- posted image.

If I do ever give bad advice on this forum, please correct me right away as I never mean any wrongdoing, I only try to help. 

And a big Thank You to all who have ever answered my questions or given their advice to me here.

Matt, MN   

You'd better get me out of this lord... or else you'll have me to deal with. -- Hunter S. Thompson "F.A.L.I.L.V."
Silver - Posts: 513
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Joined: August 27, 2003
Location: United States
Posted: July 22, 2004 at 2:17 AM / IP Logged  
just an everyday installer while im finishing my 4yrs in business admin/mgmt.  im part time but my shop only runs on 3 installers Who’s Who? - Page 2 -- posted image. .  doesnt seem right but we are always top performers in the company and the go to shop for installs done right the first time.  i read everything i can and take on all the new (to me) cars i can.  im MECP basic and reading like mad for first class.  i only have one year of documented install time (this month) and im still learning.  ive worked with some of the best installers in central IL and couldnt believe how much ive learned.
MECP certified installer
Copper - Posts: 71
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Joined: July 15, 2004
Location: United States
Posted: July 22, 2004 at 2:51 AM / IP Logged  
I guess I'm next! :)
I'm an audio software engineer / inventor, I've written various audio processing and broadcasting tools. One of my most widespread projects is "Volume Logic" for iTunes (both mac and pc) which is a five band broadcast quality agc/limiter that uses very little system resources to re-equalize and re-master everything you listen to in real time. (OctiMax for Winamp is an earlier incarnation of it).
I've also designed an audio processor which is used in (to date) 15 cities in the states, on HDTV stations. Check out "OctiMax 5.1" by "Linear Acoustic".
Other than that I've been interested in electronics and audio for about as long as I've been alive - I live for this stuff! Car audio is high on my priority list - I'm most happy when my car stereo doesn't sound like a car stereo any more, but like any hi-fi system (just with more bass). I've installed systems in every car I've had so far, and I love to experiment, so I've picked up quite a bit along the way!
I usually learn by doing - I experiment with different things, when I find something that works well, only then do I do the math and figure out WHY it's working. It usually results in a unique approach to things, which has proven to be a big advantage.
I very much enjoy discussing audio with other people with a deep practical understanding of things, and I'm always willing to learn from other peoples experiences, so long as they actually know why their experiment went the way it did :).
Anyway, when it comes to realtime DSP algorithms and code, I might just be the guy to talk to around here - feel free to drop me a line!
Silver - Posts: 258
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Joined: March 10, 2002
Location: Canada
Posted: July 22, 2004 at 6:26 AM / IP Logged  
i guess it's time for me to toot my own liitle horn, but first, i want to give a "thanks" to DYohn for starting this thread. over the years of off-and-on participation in this forum, i've come to learn a lot off of many of you guys and also have a huge amount of respect for the knowledge that many of you bring.
i've been installing for over 10 years now, and i got started in this stuff no differently than most other installers. i have a love of car audio and wanted to have a cool car but also wanted to do it myself and not pay someone else to do it for me. i've worked in Visions, Future Shop and Beamriders, but most of the work i've done is in my own garage.
i've worked on pretty much all sorts of cars, RV's, motorcycles, boats, big semis, and so on. i'm fairly good with fibreglass but can't say that i'm all that fond of doing it. as some of you may have guessed, i have an affection for german cars, and have worked on a multitude of various german products. nearly all of my own cars have been german, and i'll admit they can be quite the challenge that require ample patience. but.....i'm of the belief that with enough time, patience and determination, there's nothing that cannot be accomplished.
i am MECP certified and also hold a bachelor's degree in business administration. i'm now starting to reduce the amount of install jobs that i can accept because my back doesn't seem to be able to recover from previous injuries (and we all know this type of work is tough on the back).
it's nice to hear from all of you.
Silver - Posts: 403
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Joined: June 25, 2003
Location: United States
Posted: July 22, 2004 at 8:47 AM / IP Logged  

Guess I’d say a little about myself,

I guess I could say I am one of those that don’t know what in the world I want to do.  I have an extensive background. I grew up the son of a teacher, which means I have read all types of books related to car audio.  After getting a few pyramid amps that did not last to long I started to teach my self about electrical circuits and how diodes and relays react in an amp.  The love for audio didn’t stop there since my friends let me tear apart their cars to do installs. By 17 I had enough money to get my first system, which was loud even at today’s standards.  My system consisted of JBL, Earthquake, Kenwood and Orion and hit about 150 db.  That was about 12 years ago when most amps were called cheater amps.

Since my family is large and mostly self-employed I learned woodworking from my dad and fiber glassing from my uncle while growing up.  Currently, I don’t do much installs since I have to be sitting at this desk all day long listening to idiots that don’t have a clue. But I do some installs during the weekend when I have free time.  Other than that I am not MECP certified but have my MBA and working on my CPA.  I have been thinking about opening a shop but don’t know what to expect.  With all of the changes in the auto industry it is becoming harder to change out or add additional radio and amplifiers.  In addition, I talked to a few guys that have their certifications and some really don’t have a clue about car audio in specifics.  They can brag about their certifications but I prefer know how.  Man, it kills me when someone who is certified tells me that you can’t wire 2 four ohm dual voice coil subs to a 4 ohm load.  That let's me know that when my shop opens not to look for some one that is certified but someone that learned at home by trial and error and by visiting

Well that’s about it before I get long winded..

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