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Is Audiobahn any good for SPL?

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Posted: August 28, 2004 at 10:58 PM / IP Logged  
just my .02 : I've run nothing but Audiobahn amps and subs (with the exception being my current Visonik 4 channel for my highs at the moment), and have never had a problem, never busted anything. I won't say they are the best things in the world, because I honestly believe that is a matter of opinion mostly and depends on particular tastes regarding too wide a variety of factors to be judged that way. I believe a lot of people mis-judge them out of lack of experience (not trying to start a fight, just stating something I've experienced). For example, some of their subs are for sealed applications only, stating right in the specs not to use in a ported box. I also have seen people in my area put them in a generic bandpass, and then put the equipment down because it doesn't hit as loud as they think it should. Makes me wanna smack 'em. lol.
But, I personally like their stuff. Never had a sound issue, always look good, so I'll stick with em.
actually, I take that back. I had a problem once. I had an older A2150HC amp that I managed to rip the RCAs off the board (mount broke in the trunk and it slid), and it was replaced no questions asked for the A2150HCX.
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Posted: August 31, 2004 at 2:35 AM / IP Logged  
i just installed a pair of aw121t 12s(550w)  in a ported bandpass box with the audiobahn 8000T amp(800w) and was expecting good results, but it sounded terrible. it was a little loud, but sh*tty.  i think audiobahn needs to spend more time on sound quality and less on show and power ratings.
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Posted: August 31, 2004 at 10:48 AM / IP Logged  
Which kinda proves my point. Not trying to be a pain or anything, but Audiobahn actually says that THAT series of subs is a poor match for a bandpass box. Hence why the output wasn't what you expected. Had they been in a normal ported box, it would've been a big difference.
I had bad credit. Anyone have any they can loan me? lol
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Posted: August 31, 2004 at 11:16 AM / IP Logged  
Did Audiobahn put them in the bandpass box or did he (or someone else)?  I am no fan of Audiobahn, but I doubt they are that irresponsible.
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Posted: August 31, 2004 at 1:38 PM / IP Logged  

One large problem the car audio industry faces:  a decrease in quality caused by a trend to cut costs where it counts (R&D and production), over-spending on packaging (chrome flames? please), over-rating them, and over-pricing them.  Athough the companies leading this trend typically overprice what they sell, they cut corners to such extremes that they can undercut the good guys.  This pushes otherwise good companies to start cutting some of the same corners to compete.  Veteran members of the car audio industry are constantly remarking about the how great and solid the 'old school' products were. 

I'd like to see a trend of less flashy packaging, companies spending more time and energy on quality sound and build, obtaining good honest ratings, and more competitive pricing.  Think Adire.  I wish there were more companies like them around. 

In my opinion Audiobahn is one of the companies pushing the downward trend.  Brand new amps retail for less than a dollar per 4ohm watt at >100s/n ratio at <0.02%THD with money to spare on the super elite chrome frills.  Riiigghht. 

my 2c

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Posted: September 06, 2004 at 4:47 PM / IP Logged  

I have had 4 A8000T Amps pushing 4 Alpine Type-R's Dual 4 Ohms Subs at 2 Ohms for about 6 months now, and not disappointed at all. And infact, I am coing to buy 4 more that I can be running at 4 ohms in the next few months.

P.S. I like to run them wide open.

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Posted: September 06, 2004 at 7:09 PM / IP Logged  
no, you wouldn't be disappointed beacause of your choice of sub.  the type r is a hell of a sub, and the 8000t is a hell of an amp, i think audiobahn's subs sound bad.  they might look flasy and even produce high spl, but for sq, they suck.
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Posted: September 06, 2004 at 10:12 PM / IP Logged  
Bandpass boxs=crap
Add those together and what do you get? Ill give you a hint, it starts with s and ends with hit.
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Posted: September 07, 2004 at 9:51 AM / IP Logged  

The guy I work for right now is really pushing Audiobahn, so I have put in alot of their stuff lately, and I can say that for the most part, you get what they tell you  youre going to get.  The Amps are rated honestly in my opinion, and they seem to have power to spare if it is needed.  Only one complaint, just installed a A4125HC amp and on their web site the specs say that it will run 1000x2 at 1 ohm mono, and it will for about 3 minutes out of every ten.  It put out some serious power, but would go grom cold to the touch to the 158 degree shut down temp in about three minutes.  So I rewired the four 10 inch Flame Q's to put a 4 ohm load to each side, and it will now run wide open for hours on end, with no heat problems.  Tried to call them yesterday, but forgot what day it was, and I dont like to talk to machines.  I do agree with CharlzO on the enclosure principle.  I dont care what  you run, if you put two subs in a generic bandpass box, If it sounds really good, you got real lucky.  I have earned a reputation with my friends for fixing these boxes for my customers.  I gently pick up a 10 lb sledge hammer and softly place it through the sides of the box...  Problem solved.  They just dont like it when it is still in the vehicle.  Anyways, I also agree that it is not on the same caliber as Adire or Kove or some of the other high end manufacturers, but for most concerns it has performed at or above expectations for me, when it is installed in line with the specs.  And if they want to put a little bling on the frames, so be it.  The cast aluminum Flame baskets are a much higher quality basket than most of the stamped steel baskets on the mainstream market.  And they're shiny too.  I even put a pair of the lower end 12 inch AWC12T Performer subs in an 01 Silverado(needed to go with a shallow sub for under back seat), and they performed well above my expectations, only running on a A2201T amp that is rated at 140 w @ 4 ohm mono.  And still had amp to spare if I needed it.  I think one of the biggest things in the industry anymore is that certain brands do not play well with others.  Some do.  But most manufacturers make sure that all of their children play well within their own family.  If you mix and match components, 5 out of 10 times it doesn't perform like you would like it to.  But if you use the same brand from one end to the other, 95 out of 100 times you wont have a problem.  And I do remember when Audiobahn was making equipment that could be had for pennies on the dollar at any corner store years back, but they have seemed tostep up there game and get with the program.  And most people that dont like a certain brand just dont like it, no perticular reason, just dont like it.  Its kind of like opinions...Hope it helps out, just my two cents.  Now wheres my change???

If it don't fit, Force it.
If it breaks, You needed a new one anyway!
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Posted: September 07, 2004 at 4:24 PM / IP Logged  
I like audiobahn.  I have worked with them quite a bit.  Most of the problem people have with them is due to the installation.  Some other companies leave a lot more room for beginners.  Audionbahn subs need to be installed in the properly tuned inclosures.  If you use any box design program you will see after pluging in the specs on several of their subs that  the output drops off bad on either side of the recommended tuneing hz (flame q for example).  As for Sound Q.  The Alum. series is great.  Put them in a sealed box and call it a day.  Also they don't like distortion.  The deffinetly blow if you send  a distorted signal.  Some companies are better are making their subs more tolerable to distortion.  That brings me right back to  you have to know how to use them to be happy with them.  The last thing is the companies service.  They are really good about warranties and a person answers the phone if you call.  That is as important to me as the product performance. 
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