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Copper - Posts: 131
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Joined: November 15, 2003
Posted: September 17, 2007 at 1:19 PM / IP Logged  

I especially love the beginning where he says "i'm Will Castro, and I AM Unique Autosport".

Yeah. Its just you Will. Not Reme who does all the work. Not Busta Rhymes, who funds the operation. Not your other guys you drive crazy with your deadlines and belittleing.  What a douche.

Silver - Posts: 584
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Joined: June 21, 2004
Location: United States
Posted: September 18, 2007 at 10:56 AM / IP Logged  
hottwhyrd wrote:

will really wizes me off!

i just saw the epp. where one douche stole something from him and he tried to punish his entire staff.   after the guy fessed up he was fired along with another guy who said he wouldnt pay for his losses.  

i know that they waaaaaaay overcharge for stuff but thats what you do to celebs.   its funny to see old episodes where there spray painting stuff inside cars (literaly sprayin while inside of a car!)  and i did locate a post on some ford forums about the f 650 they did for orlando.  lots of duct tape and back strap.

obviously theyve got alot of nice stuff now. paint shop and all.

id like to know what reme gets paid. im not saying hes the best but think about how much "exposure" he has. i hope one day he tells will to stuff it  and opens his own shop

The bottome line is no matter how much reme gets paid, he's still will's biotch. lol
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Member - Posts: 2
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Joined: November 01, 2007
Location: Wyoming, United States
Posted: November 01, 2007 at 6:07 PM / IP Logged  
Wow... some people need to realize one thing. IT'S A REALITY TV SHOW!!! It's edited to draw your attention. What draws attention? DRAMA!!! Do you think someone like Reme would actually stick around if Will was such an *** to work for? Face it, Reme may not be "The Best" but he is obviously among some of the top installers out there today and could easily depart from Unique Autosport if working there was truely such a hassle. And yes, a lot of the installs are the same... face it, in a "crunch" certain materials and styles are easier to work with and build. So what... they do a lot of boxes with trim panels, it's easy, fast, and looks good... you know, smooth not gaudy. That's what most celeb's want anyway. They don't want the most off the wall fiber glass install that you would see at SEMA... it's not practical. Besides, they do a lot of multi composite boxes which takes some talent and patience. Something a lot of amatuers are still learning to do and have not quite mastered. The show is typical of many install shops. What did you expect to see? Someone outfit an F-22 with a full blown stereo system... Welcome to the reality, the truth of the show is a group of guys doing what they love who got famous doing it and nothing more. And as for Will, he's obviously a lot smarter than we are if he got where he is at in based his love of cars and his slave driving work ethic. Why didn't I think of doing this... detail cars and make millions.
Once an installer... always an installer. It's love, not habbit.
Copper - Posts: 95
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Joined: October 10, 2007
Location: California, United States
Posted: November 02, 2007 at 8:00 PM / IP Logged  

I still think the guys from jackass should open a custom shop...LOL I would love to see them brad nailing themselves to....well....themselves

seriously though, the show could be better if it was 1/2 like the "how to" shows on spike TV, & 1/2 like orange county choppers.

Reme is not that great of a custom guy, but can do it on a deadline, one of the top installers out there, I doubt it, but then again, neither am I. In 10 years though will reme have to work to pay the bills, no, I shure as hell will. So more power to all those guys.

used to be loud, used to be I am married LOL
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Joined: November 08, 2007
Posted: November 08, 2007 at 5:59 PM / IP Logged  
I watched the show a few times when I couldn't sleep and nothing else was on but thats about the onloy time I watch it.  I was looking around on the net and found this site and after reading some of the post I had to go ahead and register so I could add my two cents.  The show is a joke and Will is a joke.  Theres nothing special about the shop or they're work that I could see.  I guess it has some fans because the show is still running, as far as I know.   Face it people the only reason this shop is still in business is because all the celebs want to say they had UA work on they're car, it's the in thing to do.  I have seen shops around here being run from peoples garages that turn out better work.  Unique? theres nothing I saw in the two or three episods that was unique.  Well it's been fun but by tomarrow I'll forget I even registered for this site.  Thats bad! Go through all the trouble to register to to make make one post.  Oh well I did the same for OCC and American HotRod, which both are also a joke. 
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