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opinion on my labor price sheet

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Posted: July23, 2008 at 9:57 PM / IP Logged  
My box store shop rate is 60$ an hour. Some of us are worth more and some of us are worth less ;) Either way your rates are definatly WAY to low my friend. And for the record I charge 50 for a deck and 75 for one that needs to be hard wired or have an ipod cable ran at the time of install. If I install the cable at a later date they pay 35$
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Posted: August23, 2008 at 9:23 PM / IP Logged  
Keep in mind, your prices/labor rate will determine your clientele. When I briefly did solo work, I did the same thing you did, slashed prices so as not to scare off customers. Two things happened. One, I found that I was working for next to nothing. Jobs that I figured on paper would take an hour took three in real life. That meant that my hourly rate was a third of what I thought I'd be making. Second, my customers were mostly teenagers with just a few bucks and POS cars. I wanted to build custom enclosures and do big installs. The thing is, the people that can genuinely afford that will go to the best shops which charge what they are really worth. Those that have unrealistic expectations will come to you for your low prices because that is all they can afford. They will bring you cheap, unreliable gear to install. They will whine and complain over little things and not hesitate to tell you how expensive you are and how high their expectations are because they are paying you.
Ask yourself a few questions. First, what is your true skill level? Is this something that you have received training and real world job experience in, or is this something you have done as a hobby and others have encouraged you to "do this professionally?" What is your shop setup like? Do you have shop space in a high visibility area? Are you doing this from your home? How much money do you want to make with this? Your customers will treat you like a business with all the expectations and liability that it comes with, how much is that worth to you? Do you/will you have employees? What are their expectations as far as pay, hours worked, etc? Will you carry any inventory? I tried to run my business as installation only, and it was a huge headache. Most shops carry just a few brands that they have experience with. Are you prepared to work with any product from any manufacturer?
I spent about a year spinning my wheels (no pun intended) trying to get a business off the ground to help fund my own projects. In the end, it wasn't worth it. The money was sporadic and the stress of dealing with people who really couldn't afford what they wanted just became to much.
I wish you the best of luck. There are few feelings in the world that compare with the joy of being a successful business owner, especially when you're passionate about what you're doing. Just make sure that you are genuinely charging what you are worth.
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Posted: September07, 2008 at 10:45 PM / IP Logged  
Those prices are very low. Especially since you have no real competition nearby.
I charge $150 if the customer buys the alarm from me. I don't install alarms that I don't sell. If somebody has their own alarm that they want installed, I don't do it.
I also charge $150 to install amplifiers. Why?
Well for starters, I don't run the power wire through the door boot.
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Posted: September08, 2008 at 8:56 AM / IP Logged  

If you've got no competition, jack up the prices.  Hands down, you've got the easiest decision.  We have three shops in three completely different markets.  One shop is the sole audio shop in the city.  In this location, we charge $45 to install a deck.  Whether the customer buys the deck at the store or not, we charge $45, plus parts.  The only other place the customers can buy a deck is a wal-fart or rat shack.  In the other two locations we do free deck installs with decks $100 or over, plus parts.  In one location, we have six competitors right around the corner so the competition is fierce.  We charge a little more than most of the shops in this location, but we have the reputation to back the prices. 

So it all boils down to the community and what customers are willing to pay.  Start high, and work yourself down.  With high prices you can always slash and cut down to a reasonable level.  If you're goal is $100 amp installs, start at $120.  Some customers will pay the $120, but the others you can give them a "deal" on it.  You'll make your money and the customer is happy that they got a great deal in your store.

Top down selling.

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Posted: September12, 2008 at 6:19 PM / IP Logged  

Here In New Zealand my pricing is as follows and i am the cheapest in town.

Head Unit - $75 ($50 if bought from me)

1/2 Channell Amp - $100
3/4 Channell Amp - $160
Coaxial Speakers - $60 (factory locations)
Components - $100 (Factory locations)
Sub - $30 (mount in box and hook up to amp)
3 Star - $150
4 Star - $200
5 Star - $250
Turbo Timer - $50

Odd Jobs Are charged at $50/hour labour

i'm not sure is you use star ratings on alarms in US or UK?

nz represent
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Posted: December19, 2008 at 5:14 PM / IP Logged  
How much will ppl charge for troubleshooting if it only takes u less then 10min to know what the problem was. Just today i got a guy that was asking to check his amp cuz he had wired it and was working fine until all the sudden amp dont turn on. Installers that kn ow whats going on right away we think will bad ground, blown fuse or no 12v to remote. I when in there with my DMM and check to find out that, there was no power from the remote. All the rest was fine, Grabed a piece of wire and showed him his amp still being good charged him $10 dollars. All that was less then 10min. Is that a good price for a quick check up.
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Posted: December19, 2008 at 9:33 PM / IP Logged  
Ten bucks isn't too bad considering the time, but try looking at it in a different context.  Why did it take you only ten minutes to find the problem, and how long would it have taken them to find it?  Yes, they are paying for your time but they are also paying for your expertise.  It's because of your knowledge that it didn't take long to find the problem, that and you have the right tools.  Some jobs will take longer than others, but your still doing the same job.  Take a deck in a 02 F-150 and compare it to a deck in a toyota p/u where you have to take the entire dash apart.  It's the same job, but will you charge the customer in the F-150 less because its an easier job?  I would hope not.  In other words, they're not only paying you for your time, but for your expertise and your tools...that being said, is ten bucks still worth it?  Don't sell yourself, or your knowledge short. 
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Posted: December27, 2008 at 10:32 PM / IP Logged  
Quit whoring your labor, man! 10 minutes, or 59 minutes, you should charge a one hour minimum!! Every good shop does it that way. You may also want to make some rules about what you wil and will not install. Myself, I refuse to install used equipment unless I removed it from the previous vehicle myself. Too many times I've install used and/or stolen equipment only to have it act up and the customer blame me claiming "It worked fine in my buddy's car". I also refuse to install cheap no name flea market and pawn shop crap (like pyramid). Too often I've spent hours doing an install only to have the cheap equipment screaming with engine noise. And as for alarms, I absolutely will not install it if you didnt buy it from me. End of story. I'm not even gonna waste my time trying to install some Cheng Shin 2 way pager with remote start that he bought off ebay for 39 bucks. I've been there already, I wont make those mistakes again. Would you step right back in the dogdoodie after you just wiped the dogdoodie off your shoe? I think not.
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Posted: January03, 2009 at 8:39 AM / IP Logged  

I would say yes your prices are Cheep and from a customer stand point thats great opinion on my labor price sheet - Page 3 -- posted image. if you are just starting the new busness this might be a good way to go but rember to work your prices up to around standard opinion on my labor price sheet - Page 3 -- posted image.

After all you can't eat working for nothing

asfar as quick looks at things that is a tricky market Yes you should be human about things and willing to work with your customers But you can't stop working on paying jobs to take care of stop in guy Now if stop in guy buys all his stuff from you then i think yes you take 10 min to explain things to him and help him out if you do have to take a physical look at something for them well i would think he can hand you a $20 in return

Customer relations and word of mouth is what can make or brake a busness

Make them happy while takeing care of your pocket book opinion on my labor price sheet - Page 3 -- posted image.

But that is just my 2cents

howie ll 
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Posted: February09, 2009 at 5:48 PM / IP Logged  
Had to butt in here;  by UK standards, and don't forget the following; equivalent alarms when the exchange rate was 1 = $2 were costing me DOUBLE plus the Weller Gun and cordless irons and snap-on tools all double. Scotch 33+ costs me about $6 per reel. If I go to to install a Cat 1 alarm, what our NZ friend calls a 3 star, with immobiliser cuts to starter and ignition,  battery back-up siren and metal cased control box that has to be either screwed in or cable tied securely and hidden,  I'm looking at  11am to 5pm especially when like today on a 97 E36 when the customer sort of forgot that he had another nasty alarm already in there and I trusted no connections once I saw the scotchlocks. I'm looking at 100 ($130) minimum plus can I get some more for removing the old?  The point is I usually get the deal even though I'm more expensive than the local firms because when the customers asks questions , I usually know the answers, and will tell that customer subject to the car being OK exactly what the alarm and RS will do. I also agree with the high price on the window closers, nearly all of the Japanese now use data,  you have to go to each motor, time is the cost factor here.
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