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What got you into car audio?

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Joined: July 30, 2004
Location: Canada
Posted: December 21, 2004 at 5:25 PM / IP Logged  
my first taste or recalled taste of aftermarket car audio was when i helped an ex-boyfriend of my sisters install a cdplayer into his car. i was about 14maybe he was 17-18? maybe i was a bit older... cant quite remember to well- we used my dads new shop and even with all the luxerious room and tools up the yahoo, he never managed to get it working. i dont know what it was now but he wasnt happy.
but that was only my introduction to aftermarket audio. ever since i've been young, music has been in me. when it came to getting my parents buick off them, i needed tunes, i needed more sound quality, and i wanted to learn everything about car audio because of that. although i love bass, im not an SPL junky so pushing 400watts is plenty for me.
I hope this hobby moves into home audio. when i do decide to build a house, i want to design my sitting/living/tv room souly for acoustics, or at least have it designed so it isnt a bad room for acoustics ;-)
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Posted: December 21, 2004 at 7:11 PM / IP Logged  
well, After having an internship at a radio station in high school, I really got used to having great sound in the booth and in the studio.. My first system consisted of polk audio 6.5 ex components all the ay around the car with 2 12 inch ex subs.   not to bad for a high school kid,   Now there are not to many name brand manufacturers that I havent tried.   I went to my first USAC show in 1999. I was hooked from there, I was around to see the change to USACI and probably be around if there is another....One thing that has stuck with me, is as much as I love enough bass to shake windows withen 3 cars of me, I have to have the interior up to par as well, I guess you could call me a SQ guy, But when you are hitting mid to high 140's on the term lab, thats kinda out of the park for SQ
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Posted: December 21, 2004 at 9:29 PM / IP Logged  

I just wanted music in my car.....

1000 watts of full range is plenty for me ;)

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Location: Australia
Posted: December 22, 2004 at 12:53 AM / IP Logged  

One day i went to a pawnshop and purchased some real decent JVC 3-way theatre speakers for AU$20. I needed power but from where? I decided to use the amplifier out of my computer speakers (tiny crappy drivers) for the JVC's. This was fun, so i compiled all the computer speakers i could find to rip out the amps. I manually wired 3 sets of amps together (only the input cables, not the internal circuitry) and vala! I had 6 channels of 2W to feed some speakers. Good old P2P and a 56K modem = lots of MP3's back in the day.

Since then I have upgraded to a decent logitech 2.1 for HL2 and DOOM.

I left it at that for quite some time until i obtained my licence and bought my first car. Did some reading on the web and started a cheap install on that. After almost 3 years of fiddling im starting to get a little more serious. I just purchased a Fusion 15inch powerplant subwoofer. The box is going to be 3cu-ft with twin 24" ports. I cant wait till i have the time to build it! Ive had two alpine 12" subs before but they just dont go hard. Ive heard this 15 and it eats both alpines for breakfast, for its size its very punchy when need be also. I guess at the age of 19 i have a little bit of unqualified experience, im a computer technician by trade so this will only ever be a personal hobby.

- Pioneer deck w/ 6cd stacker

- Clarion 5" Splits (off deck)
- Clarion 6" Splits (off deck)
- JVC 6x9's (off 2ch amp)
- 1x pioneer 2ch amp
- 1x 460RMS amp
- 1x Fusion 15" Powerplant Sub
- Large 120A reset fuse, gold connectors, shielded RCA's, 4ga cables, dist block with 8ga output, 6x9 brackets with 30Degree lean etc.

I intend of getting another amp for the splits (4 Channel) so i can tune them and of course feed them more power than the deck. What got you into car audio? - Page 2 -- posted image.

Without the 6x9's and then amplifying the clarions I have a potential SQ car.

Right now its very loud! Has bass and highs but lacking a little mid range.

My mates love riding in my car, as do I.

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Joined: August 23, 2004
Posted: December 22, 2004 at 1:29 AM / IP Logged  
Music it's that simple for me!
Eclipse "Approaching Perfection"
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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 1:50 AM / IP Logged  
MUSIC, indeed. i ve always had a deep passion for music. and when i was like 13 i  wanted  more bass from my 5 speaker book shelf surround sound system, so now its a 7.2, 7 speakers with a 12 inch sub and a 6 inch mid i robbed from a pc and wired those up to a home theater amp i found in my attic. then when i turned 15 i started learnin about car audio so i could install my system as soon as i got my truck.  and now im 16, with a an alpine mrp 350, and swr-type r 10. i've installed about 6 of my friends systems, built a console for 2 10's, and became obsessed with car audio. can't wait till after xmas i think im gettin an Resonant engineering SE 12. and some other stuff!
blah blah blah blah
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Joined: December 14, 2004
Location: United States
Posted: December 22, 2004 at 7:42 AM / IP Logged  

i like gardening as a hobby (not cool for a 19 year old guy) so i needed a hobby with more street cred. to kinda balance things out. i LOVE music and i LOVE building things (wood, plastic, fiberglass, whatever) and car audio gives me a chance to build things that let me listen to music and proove im not completely metrosexual. *grunts and scratches crotch* lol. I <3 big speakers. ~Ryan

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Joined: October 20, 2002
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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 9:33 AM / IP Logged  
My first car was a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo. I heard a car that pulled up next to me and I was inpressed. From there I went to a local installer and had my first system installed. A Kenwood h/u with kenwood speakers all around and two 10" PLYE subs. I thought this was great. Until I heard that car next to me again. I started reading books and then started playing with the setting and rewiring things until SMOKE APPEARED.I bought new equipment and installed it myself. I entered my first show in 1990 and it's been all about car audio for me since then. I'm currently an elevator mechanic with 3 years to retire. I have my stereo buisness in the backround doing very well and can't wait till I'm done with my elevator career so that I can dedicate my full time to car electronics.I've been installing for about 16 years now (as a side thing)and learn something new everyday.
This is the greatest site I've ever seen. There are plenty of knowledgeable people here and I feel confident with the answers that I get from you all.
Thank You very much for all the help
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Joined: October 25, 2004
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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 10:31 AM / IP Logged  
Iwas  about 13 in abilene texas and at a soundoff comp back then i think, the texas tremmor was there, when we open the door to the arena it seems like my close started to quiver from the base from the texas tremor and the lanzar minivan. thats when I new this is what i want to do, i started at 16 working in a shop in abiline called abilene car audio, and have been installing ever since, now make custome enclosures in just about any vehicle. my favorite is the fiberglass enclosure you can shape it almost like you want it and paint it to match.
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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 11:34 AM / IP Logged  
Im only 17, and I really got into car audio earlier this year when I got my lisence. From when I was young I could always hear bass and would serch to find the car it was coming from. I always thought to myself "when I have a car im going to have a system that can be heard from a mile away". Then two summers ago I started going to a cruise night nearby and heard some really good systems, then I was hooked for good. When I got my car I was all set to buy a pyramid amp and one of those dual 12" audiobahn bandpass things. Then I found this site and learned how terrible those products are, so thanks guys for setting me on the right path. I currently have the loudest/best sounding system in my town (not really saying much). I may not be heard a mile away becasue to get that loud would cost more money then I currently have. But it still puts a smile on my face when im going to someones house and when I get there they say they heard me coming What got you into car audio? - Page 2 -- posted image.
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