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What got you into car audio?

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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 8:43 PM / IP Logged  
Why did I get into car audio? Hmm.
Growing up my parents liked the house quiet. As a result, I used my good old sony cassette walkman to listen to most of my music growing up. Once I could drive I realized that the car was the perfect opportunity to listen to my music out in the open. This is when I learned the value of headphones. In my car, on the stock tape deck, the definition was gone, there was very little bass, and distortion was all over the place on the 3.5" drivers that happened to be in the car at the time. I bought a new head unit and the obsession began.
You all know what I mean by obsession. Especially after growing up on headphones, my audio nirvana bar was set fairly high. I'm sure you all know this hunt for audio nirvana. Every upgrade makes a difference, but there's always more room for improvement. And so it began, the never ending cycle of upgrading and replacing.
I've never been interested in SPL. If people heard my music outside my car I'd hate it. Disturbing people in their homes is not something I am at all interested in. I frankly can't stand when I can hear the low boom from some kids car when I'm trying to get some sleep. I always think to myself, "congratulations, you sound like an idiot permanently damaging your hearing."
The challenge of obtaining the best quality sound given the budget I allocate to my car stereo is MUCH more appealing, difficult, and interesting to me. I believe in low watts, few drivers, no rear fill, quality box design, installation, and constantly educating myself on the question "why."
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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 8:47 PM / IP Logged  
simply car toys prices... and absolult love of music...
everything stolen :(
Workin on a new system :)
What got you into car audio? - Page 3 -- posted image.
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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 10:33 PM / IP Logged  

hello i want to share my story:

im bearly turned 16 ive always liked electronics/computers since i was small i like cars alot and my dad is a mechanic. it all started one day when my dad bought an HU,equalizer, amp, speakers, and subs. he knows that im into electronics so he told me can install the system so he wont have to pay. i told him i did. he left me the car the next day and i got to work. i instaled the whole system the whole day without the help from nobody i only needed the manual and my knowledge.   WOW i cant believe that i actually put a whole system on a car. then there it is when i began to get more into car audio. i have instaled in more than 5 cars and i troubleshooted my friends car.

i like to call myself bassrider because i have a 85firebird that is like the one in knight rider.  so  knight rider+ bass   ==BASSRIDER

PLEASE tell me what u think

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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 10:38 PM / IP Logged  

There is a powerful phsycological aspect to having a car audio system.  The car is a personal domain for the owner, and all passengers are captive.  The audio is at fingertip reach.  A slight turn and your seat starts to vibrate like a Barcolounger...your favorite music at levels that can be felt as well as heard.  The combination of personal car and great audio approaches the pinnacle of self indulgence.  The guys of age who have not yet gotten their feet wet in this field just don't know what they're missing out on.  We are approaching the day when jumping in your personal car to take a long drive will be a thing of the past...cranking up a great musical masterpiece in our own self-created auditorium....someday will be just a memory that old-timers will be telling their grandkids.  We have to realize that now is the time to relish the freedom and go for all the pleasure we can get with our cars.  I hate to think of myself as one who has to wear headphones while standing on a train......shudder!

It's funny and sad at the same time when you get into somebody's car and he has a crappy factory system and he turns the volume up to hurt, smiling and acting like it's the shiznit.  Makes you want to jump out at 55 mph.  This was mostly like it was while I was growing up, at the age where you want to get into this kind of thing.  There wasn't much available, and what there was nobody knew anything about.  So nowadays at a not-so-young age with kids in college and one already graduated, I rediscoverd the joy of personal car audio at a higher level than "premium" OEM systems.  So it is my and all of us here's destiny to help and lead  others into the light of true car audio.  Don't worry that you may someday be partly responsible for some hearing loss suffered down the line....that hearing loss will come whether they have enjoyed their own great sound system or whether they spent their young lives with AM and Aunt Thelma's chatter.  I know, because I have partial loss in my right ear attributed to a trio of female vocalists in a local nightclub who all hit a high note with gusto while I stood too close to the speaker.  Now, I just have to turn it up a little louder, eh?

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Posted: December 22, 2004 at 11:40 PM / IP Logged  
Im 27 and what got me into car audio was a few friends I met in highschool (at 14). They taught me the trade and got me started. Before long I was installing for friends and making a lot of new friends with my new skills. Theres nothing better than staying up all night throwing together a system so you can have some sounds on your way to the beach! I haven't pulled an all nighter in years but Ive definitely moved up in the world. Now Im into Autophile sound, custom glass,  and a little motorization . MY signature is my baby, my 94 Mustang GT convertible. My only hangup is I love convertibles and ervery shopowner Ive worked with thinks Im nuts for trying to to run SQ in a convertible. 
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Posted: January 07, 2005 at 12:46 PM / IP Logged  

russ lund wrote:
I can't really tell ya!Electronics always came naturally to me.Always have loved music.So why not mix both things I like together.What a kind of mess that has made!


hes got the same idea i got..
i just want to drive down the street and cars on the other side of the road shake cuz of the bass coming from my car.. other than that i just love music and electronices..

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Posted: January 07, 2005 at 2:19 PM / IP Logged  

I was raised in a house full of aspiring musicians, so that sort of set the seed. When I bought my first car in 1983, a 1970 Plymouth Cuda 340, it still had the factory 8-track player which was pretty useless. I replaced it with a cheap cassette deck and some 6x9 with the "big metal plate" that held the tweeters. Ohhh, what memories bring back, if I only knew then what that car would be worth now! That was many cars & many systems ago.

Now I strive for the best, SQ is a priority, but I don't want the sound of a recording studio, I want to feel the "Concert "!

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Posted: January 07, 2005 at 3:53 PM / IP Logged  
Uh...I got tired of tapes and wanted a CD player in my car and didn't want to pay someone to do it. SQ is also a priority for me. I want the inside of my car to sound like a really good pair of headphones and just pull you into the music.
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Posted: January 07, 2005 at 6:09 PM / IP Logged  

Much like stevdart, I think your car is your personal domain. Similarly, I believe that a car can be a reflection of self, and can really tell you something about the owner. When you are in someone else's car and there are fast-food bags on the floor and only half of the [factory] speakers work, this tells you something about the person IMO. I like to think that when I invite people into my car, it is reflected that I put 110 percent into all work I do. I see no point in doing anything half-ass, or ever having to settle for something when you know you can make it better.

I was always the kid that would be called in when a relative or friend got some new piece of electronic equipment and couldn't figure out how to set it up or work it. By those standards, I was the guy who knew everything, but after joining this forum I realized how much there is to learn, and I'm loving that.

Even before I had a car I was researching audio for one. I figured, if you love music, why not make it better? If you can't make it better, then go to and find out what you're doing wrong!

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Posted: January 07, 2005 at 7:50 PM / IP Logged  
Well i am insane... Lets see, what got me into car audio... Well, it would have to start off when i was a young one (Around 13 years old) and i started listening to music a little louder and i wanted more out of my music. I talked with those geeks at school with the big glasses and they said that i could by better speakers (What help they were)... but still it inspired me to look and ask around. And before you know it, i got my first JBL home audio system. And man i was stylin for a 15 year old in the 80's. I had the girls and all over the house, but i remember i threw this crazy party with everyone invited and one of my friends wondered if they could put a car audio system in his car like the one in my house. Well, i stalled and stalled and he bought PYLE audio lol (Different story-look through archives)... Later, i got into car audio when i got my first car, 1992 Ford Explorer baby! I've rode with explorers ever since, as i got a 2002 explorer now... but anyway, i wanted to upgrade. I wall chillin with my new alpine head unit i got from this place called the gramaphone in downtown Detroit, and i got all my other stuff from them too. I got the pink noise distributor (pimpin pimpin pimpin)... and i loaded up with two JBL woofers hooked up to a/d/s amplifiers and ads components that would make your ears still bleed to this day. I just got really curious about car audio and i followed it to an extreme, eventually turning me into an SQ competition freak, in which i've won 11 competitions (Sorry, no pictures available)... Those were back in the whole hayday (1996-2000). Around 2001 i sold all that stuff and got some money and bought my new explorer. Being a nut, i had to by the new Nakamichi head unit out at the time, the CD-45z and i was styling once again. I had the whole car done in silver and black, as well as the interior and the rims, in honor of my Oakland Raiders (5-11 this year bah).... Nevertheless, i loaded up in 2004 with my new components, 2 sets of CVL-6K by Cadence, followed by 2 of cadence's amps (The ZRS-4, AND THE ZRS-9 !!! 2000W @ 1 ohm .044% THD) and of course 2 Adire Audio Woofers (Brahma 12''s). When i get some of my other tricks up my sleeve done to the car, i will get everyone pics and of course i will run again in my first SQ comp in 5 years. How will i do? I don't know, but i hit 143.4 legal already and that is without what i'm going to alter! I'm not going to compete in SPL, but still if i did, i'd put up a good fight for 2 12''s. Thank you to Custom Car Audio for building my custom enclosure! lol.... But yeah, It was all about a crazy party and listening to music louder. Good times.
"I don't play games. I play Nakamichi and that for real yo" - Probably some japanese kid said this in the early 80's trying to sell stereo out of his trunk lol.
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