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deadening for SPL

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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 12:23 AM / IP Logged  

Well, I finally went all out:  I am now running 2 13W7s off of 2 1000/1s in the trunk of a 94 Accord.  Needless to say, I need to do something because my trunk lid has a one-way xmax of an inch.  Everything on my car is flexing.  I know that this is wayyyy overkill for bass, but I have to say I love to show people up.  I am mainly looking for maximum SPL, which would ideally remove all resonating panels.  I have a feeling this wont be possible, and I really dont want to put a lot of money into the car because I usually only have a car for about a year(plus no resale value for dynamat).  I am open to any and all ideas, especially if they will save me some money.  I do not, however, want to waste money on something that will not work.  As far as blowing the hell out of the car, that doesnt bother me a bit(its just a car).  Rattling is not a huge concern, I dont turn it up to that extreme unless provoked by someone trying to bump or show off.

I have been looking through several posts about sound deadening and have come up with this basic summary of options:

Dynamat:  Great reviews, can get for $3.60/sq ft + tax at local dealer

Brown Bread:  Great reviews, moderately expensive, no longer available @

RaamMat:  Great Reviews?  $1.60/sq ft + ship on eBay

Peel n Seal:  Good reviews(I could use extra 3M adhesive if needed) havent checked price or source

rubberized undercoating:  would this be any good for SPL purposes?  walmart?

Any and all comments, questions, suggestions are welcomed and I look forward to any input given.

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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 1:04 AM / IP Logged  
 i have read of people using roofing tar and expandiung foam to deaden vibrations. but i wouldnt try it . from the products i have used you really get what you pay for. there are some good sprayables cae makes a couple carries this. rockford fosgate all so has one. but to make a real difference you will have to do it right and spend a little cash. if you decide to spend the money use both sheet deadner and spray on. good luck
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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 9:00 AM / IP Logged  
Concerning brownbread, it is still available at Go to the B-Quiet Extreme/Brownbread link and read, it will tell you that it is now called B-Quiet Extreme instead of BB. :) Though if you are looking for deadening I'd look at the Ultimate product line, comparable to DynaXtreme from what I've heard and you can get like 200 sq ft for dirt f'ing cheap. :) I'm tempted to buy it just to see how it works, only problem is, I don't really have a rattle problem except for teh trunk which the 12 sqft kit should fix. Though I'd rather spend double and get like quadruple product if I even remotely think I'll use it in the future.
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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 7:29 PM / IP Logged  

O.K. I"ll tell you all the best secret around for killing all rattles. I've made great money doing it and have had great comments.

First strip your trunk of every thing you can.  Next remove trunk lid. Spray everything down with 2 coats of Westley's rubberized spray undercoating, Next get The Great Stuff Triple Expanding Foam insallation and fill up every hole and creavace you can find. Make sure to get real good in the middle of the trunk lid. Last buy some self stick foam for truck caps and put it around the edge of the trucnk lid to make a really tight fit.

You can get the Westley's (7$/can) and Pep Boys and the insallation ($2.50/can) and foam ($5/3 yards) at Meijer's.

I have a neon which (rattle horribly) and did the same thing not one rattle or buzz. Cleaned up the sound and kicked up the bass.  I spent maybe $35 and 2 hours doing it. Compared to $150 for a Dynomat trunk kit .

Did the same thing to a 01 Mustang for $150 and a 98 Explorer full truck for $500. I made $115 from the stang and $400 from the expo.

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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 7:35 PM / IP Logged  

Oh one more thing if you don't want to go through all the trouble doing that J C Whittney sells some good deadening pads. Twice as thing as dynomat, 4 - 1.5 x 1.5 self adhesive sheets for $35.

If your really noisey go with both like ^ said.

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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 11:18 PM / IP Logged  
Well, im not nearly as worried about the rattles as I am about the flexing of the panels.  Right now I am leaning toward the RAAMmat(100% feedback on eBay), maybe with some of the Cae spray if needed(I have had very good luck with in the past).  I am looking for something that is reasonably priced, but I want to know that it will work well and still look somewhat professional when I show it off.  Should the spray be on top of the mat or mat on top?  I need to get this done before the local sound offs start in May so i need to do something in the not so distant future.  Thanks again for any input.
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Posted: April 07, 2005 at 11:26 PM / IP Logged  
If you use that expandable foam be very conservative with it, using too much in between panels will cause them to warp!
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Posted: April 08, 2005 at 4:16 PM / IP Logged  

EDEAD $1/sq foot 45mil, $1.50/sq ft 70mil

Heard great things, that's what I'm picking up.

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Posted: April 08, 2005 at 5:21 PM / IP Logged  
I did look into eDead, but I checked out the shipping and it was pretty high considering I don't live very far from where it ships from.  I really dont know if I would get RAAMmat or eDead, they are the same price and I really have no way to compare them.  I know that deadening is brought up over and over again on this forum but I looked through about 50 threads and didn't see any comments about specific products and their use for SPL purposes.  I do like the fact that you can buy eDead in whatever amount that you want, but its $25 shipping per order.
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Posted: April 08, 2005 at 6:31 PM / IP Logged  

I am also looking at buying deadening. I have a hatchback, and was wondering how many layers a hatch usually needs. I think i read somewhere that 2 is normal. Also how does eDead v1 se compare to Dynamat Extreme?

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