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What was your first car stereo system?

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Posted: July 15, 2005 at 2:51 PM / IP Logged  
I think "road rated" was a misprint - supposed to read "road Grated..."  (as if mine was any better...)
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Posted: July 15, 2005 at 3:20 PM / IP Logged  

Back in the late 70's I had a JIL brand AM/FM 8-track WITH the built in CB and 2 sets of K-mart MindBlower 6x9's.

I still have my old Harmon Kardon CA-260's, some CA-240's and the H/K crossover I bought in the early 80's. Also when CD players were first coming out I bought the Harmon Kardon cassette deck for the car and dubbed CD's to cassette and the sound quality was really good for the time (CD players were in the $1,000 range for cars). The tape player only played in one direction but the frequency response was 20-20k.

Eventually I hope to get a vintage car to go with the vintage equipment I kept.


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Posted: July 15, 2005 at 11:13 PM / IP Logged  
My first system was in a 91 Cavalier. I bought a Power Acoustik 525W amp and a boss sub from the flea market. The subs blew in about 10 minutes, so for a couple months I was running 2 walmart 6 1/2" tube subs that were on the floor behind the front seats. Power and ground wire were like 16G, i didnt hide any of the wires, they were on the floor by the drivers door so I would trip on them all the time. The power wire was ran out of the hood (by the windsheild) and through the door.
I had a walmart HU that didnt have a dash kit so everytime I would floor it the HU would come flying out of the dash and hit the shifter knob, the amp wasnt screwed in so whenever id take a corner fast the power wire would come out. Ive come a long way since then!
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Posted: July 15, 2005 at 11:28 PM / IP Logged  

My first system was in my 1992 Plymouth Acclaim. My stock speakers had no surrounds, my radio was busted, so my first was a Pioneer portable cd player for two years.

It was the best I ever had.

Kenwood all the Way!
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Posted: July 16, 2005 at 4:15 AM / IP Logged  

pimpincavy wrote:
The power wire was ran out of the hood (by the windsheild) and through the door.

This should win a prize!

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Posted: July 16, 2005 at 6:29 PM / IP Logged  

Wow, its was some time in the early 90's

79 mustang hatchback, with 4, 15 inch Rockford Series 1 that took up the entire hatch and back seat and four punch 150s to each sub running off the stock electrical system with a Sherwood HU and Eq, just a sears diehard powering it all

That was the pain full days

Then it got worse .. orions and us amps....
and now its dead.... hifonics and audiobahn..

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Posted: July 17, 2005 at 2:45 PM / IP Logged  
Well I'm only 19, but I Started my first system when I was 16. The system wasn't too horribly bad although could have been a lot better.
This all went into an 89 Dodge Ram 50 truck. Some of you might remember me asking a bunch of questions a couple years back on another name.
The deck was a pioneer DEH-P6400, nice deck at the time, The graphic display was awesome.
Speakers were a pair of 4" kenwoods in the dash, and a set of pioneer 3 way 6x9's in the back in boxes. I had a 600 watt legacy ebay amp and 2 Coustic 10'' subs in "custom" truck boxes. The system actually sounded pretty good and I did all the installation myself... I think it took me 7 or 8 hours to do that amp install. I blew probably 4 fuses that day too. And if you've ever worked on one of these trucks you would know that their isnt anything to them. I could probably install the whole system in under an hour if I did it now, but that truck is long gone now.
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Posted: July 17, 2005 at 8:00 PM / IP Logged  
Back around 1982 or so. I had a '66 Vette with the factory am/fm radio in it. I put an 8 track in the glove box and 2 6x9's (Mindblowers) in a box I built in the back. Believe it or not, it sounded pretty good, until the Craig tape player would play 2 channels at the same time.
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Posted: July 18, 2005 at 11:55 AM / IP Logged  
1979 - 1969 Impala convertible.  KRACO two shaft 8track with Radio Shack 8track to cassette converter.  You plugged the converter into the 8track slot then inserted the tape into the top.  Pair of Jensen 6x9 coax {didn't buy the mindblowers - I was a "purist" even back then}  I graduated to a Radio Shack under the dash cassette along with my 8track - I was the first at my school to do so.  There was an underdash mounted switch marked "radio/tape" to select the source going to my $27 underdash "BOOSTER" amp.  The amp was about the size of a deck of playing cards and had one button on the front to "BOOST" the noise.  I had to wrap tin foil around the fuse to keep it from blowing!  I then bumped up to FOUR speakers - again the first in my school!  They were a pair of Jensen Triax and a pair of QUADrax purchased from Crutchfield.
Ray Kane
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Posted: July 19, 2005 at 2:10 PM / IP Logged  
Well being relatively young, 20, I can't offer great stories about vintage equipment, even though I have some vitage equipment I have acquired, fun stuff. I got a 92 F-150 still have it and my original system. I meant business, and did a lot of research before buying anything. I don't know if it payed off but I am happy. I got a Kenwood KDC-717 and the excelon mono amp for that year (401 don't remember the letter code at this time) I bought 2 Kenwood 10" dB+ to put behind the seat, and Kenwood 3 ways (6 1\2 for the doors and 6x8 for the rear pillars). I built my first enclosure for this. It spans the whole back behind the seat enclosing the amp in the middle and the subs in on each side of the amp. I have since added a cap to the amp (first fiberglass enclosure I made to hold the cap) and Kenwood Here2Anywhere sirius tuner recessed into the dash next to the gauges. I have been really pleased with it as I haven't redone any of it yet.
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