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Customers and the funny things they say

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Posted: December 11, 2007 at 3:21 PM / IP Logged  
some old lady came in for a deck install.. and after everything was done she left. a couple days later she comes back saying that we shrunk her cup holder.. mind you this is a cup holder that was made out of molded plastic in the center console and not the slide in and out ones.. went on and on and on about how we did it and all.. and the manager actualy had to boot her out of the store.
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Posted: December 12, 2007 at 1:25 AM / IP Logged  

My personal favorite is when you get those gangsta wannabes walk in the store and they're like yeah dude im running four 15's....i just need some 6x9's because there gonna go sip patron and wild like wth does this have to do with car audio..


the other day we were working on a 99 mustang installing a new amp because the old one was we open open the hood to put the new wiring in AND the guy had about 14 ft of 18 ga wire with no fuse running to the back of the car and his ground was litrally taped around one of the the metal speaker brackets. To top it off the amp was installed upside down. The customers theory behind it was that it wont get hot because its not working with gravity...and i calmy told him in the most un sarcastic way "heat rises".....haha...he said wow i wouldve never guessed..i just figured since i had the amp right side up that gravity was pulling the heat down...

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Posted: December 16, 2007 at 4:38 AM / IP Logged  

in the shop i work at, we're all pretty close.  we like to joke around with each other.  another installer and i are standing in front of the window that shows our bay from the showroom.  i call the counter phone with a pretty good 'Roy D. Mercer' impersanation and it goes a little something like this......................( you have to know who, roy d mercer is for this to be funny) ... (google him)

salesman:  "***** audio, this *****, can i help you"

me:   "this is Roooooy D Mercer, and the other day i came in and had you yahoos put a remote start in my boys car and it don't work no more."

salesman: "well, if you bring it in we can have somebody take a look at it for you"

me:   "bring it in my azz! ... it burned the d@^^n thing to the ground ..... now what do you plan on doing about it kuz my insurance isn't going to cover it."

salesman:   "sir, please don't cuss me.  i had nothing to do with your car burning up.  if you hold on for a second, i can get my manager for you"

me:   "son ..... i didn't call your manager.  I called you...... my boy is crying in his room right now kuz his new car is burned up and he can't afford to get another one.  you yahoos think that everybody is just made of money and we can afford to just buy what we wish and not think another thing bout it.   well, your wrong and i want you to figure out what your going to do for my boy or i'm coming down there to put a "pop-knot" on your butt!"

salesman:   (laughing) ".... sir, i'm sorry.  i'm going to get my ................"

me:   "your not getting nothing but my boot!!!!  ... less you start telling me what i wanna hear ...... or do i need to come down there and set things straight and get my boy another car?" ..... "how 'bout that manager of your's, he drives a pretty nice truck.  how 'bout i just come down there and take his truck?"

salesman:  "well, sir ... you could try that but, i don't think it's going to work out for you too well."

me:   "what?  are you going to stop me?  i'm raging mad right now!!  i've ran with the bulls in spain!!!  you ain't squat!!!" 

after watching this guy squirm for the last few minutes (because he really can't yell back at a customer) we finally broke down and started laughing and he looks at us through the window and realizes what is going on.  he was so mad he came running to the install bays and i really thought he was going to start throwing down.   now every time i see him i say .......... "this is Rooooooooooooy D Mercer"!!!

hunter ele. 
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Posted: December 16, 2007 at 2:05 PM / IP Logged  

did a RS on a 03 f150,,, guys calls back a few days later and said,, hey my automatic light arnt workin? So i said bring her by and ill take a look,,,,

next day he gets there and i get in turn the switch to auto and what do you know ,,, the darn thing worked just fine

people need to stop and think about things before lookin like a jack a@@

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Posted: December 16, 2007 at 10:15 PM / IP Logged  

Customer comes in and asks if we could remove her radio for her.  Salesman answers why sure we can.  Installer drives car around and removes radio.  We figure the radio is broken and needs repair, salesman asks what kind of problem she is having with the radio, curious to see if we could get the repair business.  Customer replies, nothing is wrong with my radio.  Salesman asks, why are we removing it?   Customer answers, they are using my radio to track me.  Salesman,   Who?    The Government. 

Two weeks go by and she is back.   Salesman greets her at the door, figuring she had gotten her medication refilled and wanted the radio reinstalled.  He chuckles and asks, so are you ready to get the radio reinstalled?   She looked at him and asked how much to remove the antenna,  they are still tracking me.

This was at least 10 Years ago.

howie ll 
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Posted: December 17, 2007 at 1:30 AM / IP Logged  
You made me laugh at the paranoid lady 'till I realised how many tracking systems I installed last month!!
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Posted: December 18, 2007 at 12:55 AM / IP Logged  
so i had a guy that works at a local stereo shop come in. I thought he was just looking around but he bought two amps did'nt think much about it untill he asked if we could install it. I just had to ask him why he didnt let his shop do it. He replied "I dont trust them to work on my car i want it done right" I did'nt know if he was serious untill he payed for the install needless to say . he had to tell me that he could do it he just didnt have the time. I just had to walk away and start laughing.
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Posted: December 18, 2007 at 12:58 AM / IP Logged  
I never understood that line. I can do it I just don't have the time. First why do I care what you can do. Second how do you now have the time but you have the time to wait around for it.
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Posted: January 03, 2008 at 8:26 AM / IP Logged  

This really isn't a funny thing a customer said, it's more like a stupid thing.  I'm just sick of having to deal with customers when it should be the counter help that deals with it.

This customer comes in yesterday and complains that his rear speakers don't work and that they never did when his stereo was put in back in August.  I did the install so I do the repair work (fair enough, right?), I pull his car around and fade out to the rear ....... holy cow ........  the left rear works but no signal at the right.  I pop the trunk and look at the speaker and the terminals are broke off the basket on his "stock" speakers.  So, I tell the counter rep that the speaker terminals are broken and that the left speaker works.  They tell me to change out his speakers and pull the car around to the front.  15 minutes later, I'm speaking with the customer and keeps saying "what?", so I'm freakin yelling at this guy so he can hear me ( I'm standing on his LEFT side ... critical info).  5 minutes later my boss comes outside and asks the customer a question at a normal conversational volume, and the customer replies without a problem.  I'm all confused now.  So i ask the customer,"Hey sir, are you hard of hearing on your left side?"  and he tells me, "yes.  I'm basically deaf without my hearing aid".  So later, while I'm speaking with the customer I find out that he had broke the terminals on the speaker with suitcases and he knew they were broken.  (He was also deaf in his left ear.  Customers and the funny things they say - Page 13 -- posted image. ... yeah ... this tends to put a damper on hearing a stereo signal, guy!!!!)

I lost out on $40 for a speaker install and trouble shooting charges because this deaf punk can't "fess up" and explain his issues.  Customers and the funny things they say - Page 13 -- posted image.

Sorry it's not funny ........ but I sure feel better now! ... lol

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Posted: January 17, 2008 at 5:25 PM / IP Logged  
I have one to add.
When I worked at circuit city I had this guy call and ask about a GPS unit. First he asks how much they are. I tell him the price and then he asks how many we have in stock. He then says that he wants to buy 5 of them. He asks how much that will be total. I put it in the computer and tell him the price.
Next he asks if he can get a discount on them because he is buying 5 of them. I proceed to tell him that we can't give a discount just because he buys 5. He starts saying to just give him a discounted price because he has got a deal on equipment there before. I then ask how long ago that was and he tells me it is awhile ago. I then tell him that circuit city used to work on commision and that we no longer do this. I tell him that the manager is the only one that can change prices and they would have to be the ones to change the price. The guy is now starting to get angry and asks to talk to my manager.
I go out and track down a manager and tell him the situation. He manager tells me that we can't do this which I reply, "I know but he won't listen to me." The manager says to hold on a second and he will talk to him. I get back on the phone for a second and say "sir" and then the guy starts screaming about this and that. He says that he heard us talking, which we didn't say anything bad we just said he couldn't do it. He then asks for my name because he is going to come down and talk to me. I give him my name and he hangs up. My manager then asks why I hung up and so I explained that he started screaming and I didn't know why. I never did see him.Customers and the funny things they say - Page 13 -- posted image.
I always had customers ask me for a discount. When i tell them that we don't work on commission they also say to give them a discount anyways. Even when I say that the manager is the only one that can change the price they still try to get me to give them a deal. I usually just tell them to talk to the manager and let him deal with it.Customers and the funny things they say - Page 13 -- posted image.
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