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Master Asylum 
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Posted: July 20, 2006 at 12:31 PM / IP Logged  

Unions are for the most part a designed protection for lazy people. Start out with strong good intent and once people get lazy they are protected, so more laziness, still protected. The union stays and not crap can be done. But this is simply my opinion and well, I was taught to work for a paycheck. No offense to unionites, but I would be embarassed by 99% of them.

BBY for near 1 year, can't complain too much. My yearly rolling around should make me happy. Maybe more hours? I still get paid a bit under people I know that have higher stress jobs, so I def can't complain. (A GM of a pizza store would be one making $10/hr, but he also avgs like 50 hrs/wk.)

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Mad Scientists 
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Posted: July 20, 2006 at 5:37 PM / IP Logged  

cleophus wrote:
Half the mechanics,teamsters in the twin cities were on strike at local car dealers,I am still on strike.Yes folks teamsters still exist.No union =no pay!



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Posted: July 21, 2006 at 12:40 AM / IP Logged  
Here is how i found out how to make money at best buy. Like everyone else said follow sop and do good. I started as a part time installer and worked my way up to senior in 2 years. When i first started senior managers didn't even know i was a senior. Then for a couple of months we were top 75 for installs. Managers started to notice. Now that we have a Services Managers I'm noticed a little more. Hopefully it will show in my 3 year next month.
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Posted: August 05, 2006 at 8:13 AM / IP Logged  

Fast. Unless your manager is your friend! then. your three-year review is already decided.

there is a pay scale under componesation that lists exactly how much of a raise they can give you for EACH period without consulting district

let's say like me you're on the low end of your pay scale

then, if i score a 5 i get roughly 8%

but if i score a 5 and i'm on the high end. i get 3-0%

now, let's score a 3 like most people should AT LEAST attain

3 gets you 5.5 on the low pay end

but, nothing! on the high end.. at least you keep your job is what they say

now for installers 6% could be up 1$ an hour. but still

for most people in the store that's like 35c

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Posted: August 05, 2006 at 11:30 AM / IP Logged  
and that right there is why I left.  Why kill myself to make the shop look good, if I'm not getting a damn thing out of it.
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Posted: August 09, 2006 at 8:43 PM / IP Logged  
To add a little fuel to your fire there cheif, before I left I was in the same position you are.  I wound up getting a grand total of $1.65 between the 2.  Oh well life happens  later.
Cause I'm So white and nerdy...
First Class Certi-fried installer
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Posted: August 13, 2006 at 6:55 PM / IP Logged  

Personally, I still think your store just has some management issues.  It doesn't help none if you do indeed have that attitude indicated in your post, as it will make things between you and management that much worse. 

I do agree with many who think there should be a more "uniform" pay raise structure for how much to give when getting MECP certified and such.  When looking at it from a more open mindset,  I can see why it is what it is.  Currently it allows more flexibility to giving greater pay increases to those who actually "know" how to install and do good work than those who can just "pass the test" but not really know how to do much.  The problem arises when management doesn't really pay attention to the installers and just randomly gives amounts of raises due to favoritism among installers or what not.  I also don't think there should be as much crossover in pay scale between one installer classification and the next ( for instance,  a non certified installer and certified installer,  the only differences in pay scale is about a $2 per hour higher cap for certified ).  Reason being,  if you are non cert and you get certified,  but your pay is already in the scale of the certified range, thn you don't technically have to get a raise.  That should be one of those moments when there is an standard $0.50 raise or something like that.  I also don't think a non-certified installer within a store should make more than a certified installer ( especially in cases like my store currently,  we have 2 non certified installers who both make in the $1 an hour amount more than the two first class certified installers, one of those of which is the install lead ).

I also think each and every store in the company,  regardless if a 20k or not,  should have a Mobile Install Sr. position,  wich access to the services portal.  I would love to be able to check that thing out every day,  without having to hunt down my Servicees manager and hope he isn't sales leading or in a meeting at the time.

What you think Murph?

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Posted: August 14, 2006 at 9:17 AM / IP Logged  

Murph, Knowing the pay system can get an employee on some not-so-friednly terms with a member or two of management,  I know this from a very recent experience.  They don't necessarily like knowing when they messed up,  like if they hired a new person making more than than the max of their pay band,  when the manual states that they can't be hired at more than the middle of the band.  They also don't like knowing when one employee finds out how much another employee makes ( even if the other employee forgot to log out of e-go and had his pay check stub review up there on the screen for all to see ). 

Any chance they re-institute the Instal Sr.'s in every store?  Since you beleive that it was a mistake to do away with them,  and you do talk to the corporate mobile team,  couldn't you make that recommendation and see what happens?

I also think there should be more pay scales.  For instance,  leave Install Trainee, Install Tech ( non-cert ),  Install Certified, Install Sr Certified ( for those Basic certified seniors ) alone.  Change 1st class cert Install to Advanced Install Tech so the title matches the mecp certificate ( also change the badges on the shirts ).  Add an Advanced Install Sr. for those Sr.'s who are advanced Certified ( maybe a slightly higher pay scale for this than a normal basic certified senior. ).  Add a  Master Certified Install Tech ( perhaps same pay scale as advanced senior ),  and a Master Certified Senior position.

You may not like getting all this info I am giving,  but if "My Opinion Counts", as management claims it does,  and you are in a position to make more of a difference than I could on my own,  I look to you for any questions and/or opinions I have. 

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Posted: August 19, 2006 at 1:06 AM / IP Logged  
I printed out the FY07 apy scales. Our store dropped into the -5 bracket. That really blows. Less money all around. I did see a 1st class payscale on there though. To bad seniors can't get anymore for the 1st class scale if they pass the test. I talked to my sup the other day and finally got my review done. I asked about what kind of a raise we would be seeing. I made the comment that the part time guy working one day a week (no exaggeration here) makes more then I do and I am full time. I told him it doesn't make sense to me since I am full time. I was givin we will see what the GM can do. I guess I will find out next week if I took it in the shorts again. My MECP was a whopping $.47 cents. That got me into the middle of the lower bracket. Sad thing about all this, White Castle still pays about what I make to flip burgers.... :(
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the milk man 
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Posted: August 19, 2006 at 3:13 AM / IP Logged  
yo ,  I work at Best BuY too.  Im always on this site at work becaust my  job is lame as f ck.  I work on the sales floor selling car audio. That doodie sux, I am supposed to be an installer, but they wont let me install until I start comming in on time.  When I need to get my mind off those annoying @ss customers I just log onto "THE 12"  and post some    doodie up.  Best buy is the doodie    FUNK CIRKUT doodieTY.   I know all you other installers that post up on here from Best Buy agree with me.  You log onto THE 12 VOLT CAUSE THERE AINT doodie TO DO AT WORK.  yOUR JUST TRYIN TO KILL SOME FUnKIN TIME.  Our car audio manager over her is the lazyess mutherfunker I ever meet.  He sits on the computer in our department for like 8 hours straight  looking at some stupid videogame doodie getting paid 25 dollars an hour.   Hes like 29 years, get a funking life you lame ass.  He almost got busted looking at porn at work too, hahahah. .
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