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One thought on rear speakers

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Posted: November 16, 2004 at 2:39 AM / IP Logged  
Here is my opinion on this, and that is only what I said, my opinion. I think that proper imaging is only hindered by rear speakers. I think that if a car is to be used for an everyday driver that carries people in the back seat then rear speakers are definatly nessasary. But when you are talking about a sq setup and proper imaging and soundstage, then rear speakers have no place in a proper setup. In my last car my 6 1/2 components were in kick pods that I remade half a dozen times before I got them pointed properly but once I was done I did quite well in competion and the sound was exactly what I was trying to achieve a wide soundstage that sounded like it was at the end of the hood and also sounded like the entire band was spread out infront of me with only ambient reflections comming from behind. I think the ultimate sq setup should not nessasarily reproduce what the music sounds like in a concert hall or theatre but actually what it sounds like in a recording studio, because thats where the original source came from, well in most cases. I never understood why people said it should sound like a concert when thats not what it was recorded as. And in a recording studio sounds come from very direct sources. The sound doesnt bounce all around, if the singer is dead center than it should also sound that way in your stereo, if the guitarist is off to the left than it should also sound that way. I think I have said enough on this subject now
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Posted: November 16, 2004 at 4:43 PM / IP Logged  

it is all down to individual taste in music and what volume you feel comfortable with, the problem lies in the area of what to sacrifice either raw power or high quality.                                                                                                unfortunately  it is not  simply the case of putting high powered speakers in and running them at a lower volume to get high quality this just means that the driver is not operating in its full range.

so i think that in a lot of cases the general advice on what speakers to use is going to be irrelevant  due to vehicle type shape and what kit is being used to drive the speakers.                                         

i personaly think that people who play their music in cars so loud that you can hear it at some distance away actually have no idea about what the music they are playing should really sound like, i like my music loud (everything from heavy metal to classical) but there are thresholds where the sound volume overpowers the cubic capacity of the vehicle.i see them in my local car parks with it cranked up full volume and all it does is show how poor the quality of their set up is due to the accoustic quality of the metal box they are sat in. i would hope that the users of this forum care more about the quality of the music than how loud you can get it.

i also agree with Ravendarat but there is also an  inherent problem with mass produced cd's in that the sound can not be reproduced from an ordinary cd in the way it was originaly recorded on to the studio master.mass production cd's are re-engineered so generaly the sound field you hear is generated by the equipment your listening to it on.

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Posted: November 16, 2004 at 6:10 PM / IP Logged  

i try to listen to what the judge(s) say about my car after i get it judged. usually its just to add a little more lows because i didnt want to over do them, but its never about my staging. in my last car i had a 6 1/2" component set, 8" downfiring woofer and a 2" center channel for my front stage and a single 12" woofer in the rear. it was a 91 caprice classic with no rear fill so i dont think the size of the car matters. if you sat in it, you wouldnt believe that there werent any speakers in the rear. i miss that car. One thought on rear speakers - Page 3 - Last Post -- posted image. i see myself putting rear speakers in if i ever get into putting in a 5.1ch system; but thats not for a long while. right now im still playing around trying to tweak the front stage in this car the right way. its a pain but it will get there. on topic, rear speakers are your choice. personally i dont like them but soemone else might be different. they have their own audio prefrences.

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Posted: November 17, 2004 at 4:00 AM / IP Logged  
I am *so* not into driving around with my windows down or having car park comps! The word 'travesty' was invented to describe the bad name music enthusiasts are given by idiots. Subs are SO cool, but not in the middle of town or outside a supermarket.
Thanks for everyones thoughts. As I said in the beginning, I am aiming for SQ but at the end of the day my car has too many uses to be stripped down to a mere front soundstage. For my own pleasure and others rear speakers are required. Amen
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