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Customers and the funny things they say

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Posted: May 09, 2006 at 3:58 PM / IP Logged  
Benji999 wrote:
junior40er wrote:
can we post of storu\ies where customers had really messed up/nasty cars? or is there a thread for it or what? I got plenty of those.
Knock yourself out, I was hoping we could all get a laugh when I started this thread. I'm sure others can add to that category too.Customers and the funny things they say - Page 3 -- posted image.
  haha i'll post some interesting ones after work.
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Posted: May 10, 2006 at 2:19 PM / IP Logged  

I do Tech Support for AAMP of America (Stinger, Sound Quest, Peripheral, and Bestkits/Harnesses). I have gotten my share of calls and funny stories. i installed for 8 years and figured it was time to get out from under the dash of cars and helping other with my knowledge. anyways........

Consumer: I bought one of your distribution blocks part number @#$*&%. I hooked all the wires up but im not getting any power.

Me: OK, what size fuse did you install and is the fuse blown.

Consumer: Fuse? The Package didnt come with a fuse.

Me: You will need to get a fuse for this  to work properly.

Consumer realized he made a ddeerrr call and hung up the phone.

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Posted: May 25, 2006 at 11:19 AM / IP Logged  

I installed a remote starter on a jeep cherokee, in which most of you know its a very basic vehicle to work on. I intstalled it for a much older gentlemen, maybe in his late 70's. He calls me up 2 days after I install it and says his winshield washer quit working and the remote start won't let him drive the car when he uses it. After a few questions he said he can drive it only if starts it with his key. Uhh ok, bring it by and I'll see whats shakin'. He stops in apparenntly when I showed him how to use it his mind was wandering somewhere else he thought you could just remote start it and drive off without keys. easy fix. But after I showed him this he was embarassed so he starts yelling yeah well you wrecked my windshield washer, you burned it up thats what my mechanic said. Needless to say it was an easy fix the guy had been mixing his winshield washer 1/2 way with water and it was frozen!!. good mechanic.

I installed a compustar 2 way pager on a 03 ram, another easy one. customer likes gadgets so this was right up his alley, although he did not read up on how to use all the functions.  He came flying in about a week after the install complaining his gas mileage was terrible ever since the remote start was installed. I explained that it really has nothing to do with how the vehicle runs. I explained it will go through a little more fuel because your letting it idle for 20 minutes before you drive but he said no way, I am going through a 1/4 of a tank a day!!! Again an easy fix he had programmed it to start every 3 hours..........He didn't say a word when he picked it up and I told him what it was.

05 toyota land cruiser, I put a remote start on. Customer came in to pick it up paid bill and sat in the parking lot for about 20 minutes. He comes back in and says his rear window defroster wasn't working. ok. He said he would bring it in again he had to go. Well it comes back in and I went through the install head to toe, I couldn't find anything. I was lost, it was brand new and I searched high and low for an answer......Well when all else fails read the owners manual, it had a power rear glass and apparently he was checking to make sure everything worked before he left. He put the window down but not up all the way the limit switch wouldn't let the defrost kick on. He handed me another  $80 for the extra time I spent on it.......

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Posted: May 25, 2006 at 12:51 PM / IP Logged  

I I had a guy tell me that I stank up his car by putting a remote start in it. This was about 3 months after the install, and the remote start worked fine the whole time. Upon further inspection, I found a shrew in one of his heater ducts. I explained to him the situation, and he promptly accused me of placing it there. A little logic and some common sense later, it was determined that the shrew proboly crawled up there to escape the fridgid alaskan winter taking place outside of the car.

I had another guy demand a refund for some 6x9s I put in his car. He said that the one on the driverside sounded terrible, and it was all my fault. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the reason they didn't sound very good was that this guy had drilled a hole in the cone and run an 8 ga. power wire thru it when installing his own amp. I have never bitch slapped a customer, but if I were going to, it would have been that clown. Needless to say, there was no refund given.

Northstart.....or start it your damn self.
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Posted: May 26, 2006 at 11:38 AM / IP Logged  
so i got a few...
oh you need a deposit to order special parts.
why do i have to pay more money because i drive an expensive car.
i was online...( anything said after tht should be regarded as 98% bulldoodie. you were not looking, you stumbled across something, and you dont understand the words you are speaking...and speakers dont put out watts *** **** it)
and my personal fav. do you have them in ( insert color matching there shoes or interior here)
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Posted: May 26, 2006 at 12:22 PM / IP Logged  
A customer calls me one day and says we installed an alarm for him.  He goes on to tell me that now, when he tries to turn the steering wheel when the alarm is armed, it is stuck and he cannot get it to turn.  I proceeded to tell him that it has nothing to do with the alarm, and to put his key in the ignition and turn as he turns the steering wheel lol! It was just the factory steering lock.  He hung up pretty quick after that.
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Posted: June 01, 2006 at 9:42 PM / IP Logged  
I had a lady get mad at me because the r/s i put on lock the doors when it starts.
What about when people still use the oem key fob with the new alarm and complain cause the alarm goes off or the car won't start.(starter kill duh)
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Posted: June 02, 2006 at 11:53 AM / IP Logged  

I had a guy demand a refund after I installed a pair of 6x9s I put in his ex-cab Chevy. Somebody else had cut all the plastic and 4x6s out and originally put spacers and 6x9s back there, but it was stolen. So all I had to do was put in spacers and the 6x9s with 4 screws each and plug in the wires that were already there. The guy came back and demanded a refund because he didnt feel like I worked hard enough for the $35 I charged him for the job while I worked at BB, so its not like I was getting paid more for charging him.

had a guy with a Montero say his cd player I installed was eatting his cds. He said he had put one in, it didnt play, so he did another, and another and gave up. This was on a saturday at a full commission job so I told him that if there werent any cds he was paying for a R&R on the deck. So I pull the whole dam thing apart and sure enough, 3 cds sitting on top of the radio. Seems he was DUI the night before and kept putting the discs in the little gap left from iso-ing the deck

hoping I pass the 1st class for the first time on 5-18-6, wish me luck!
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Posted: June 02, 2006 at 1:29 PM / IP Logged  
"Um You guys installed my kenmoore cd player. Now it doesn't work."
Tell the Snap-On guy I'm not here!
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Posted: June 02, 2006 at 3:14 PM / IP Logged  

I installed a r/s in my girlfriends mom van and this thing is a peice of garbage, everything in it had a problem. Anyways it was the first time i installed an r/s. Got it working but then like 2 days later she asks me why is my van leaking coolant. Obvisouly it wasnt because of me it was just another problem that started happening.

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